Windows App support in Liquit Workspace 3.5

In my Application of the Week blogs I’ve discussed how to deploy and provide Microsoft Store applications like Windows Calculator, Netflix and Deezer from within Liquit Workspace.

These type applications were discussed to learn more how to support our customers using Microsoft Store apps in general. But also to learn ourselves how to improve install and launch support for Appx and MSIX technologies, on all (physical, virtual, WVD, etc) platforms we support.

Guess what? In Liquit Workspace 3.5 new Windows App Package actions and filters have been added to support .appx, .appxbundle, .msix and .msixbundle setups.

Installing, Registering or Uninstalling a Windows App is not us just wrapping up the Appx-Package command. This is supported natively.

Within the install Windows App actions we support both Staging and Registering Windows App.

When staging a Windows App all files in the Windows App package are copied to the file system and appropriate ACLs are set. That’s something which can be configured using ‘Stage Windows App’.

Registration is where the app is made available to the user and integrated with the operating system. Such as creating user-specific app data locations, enabling discovery of app extension points like file type associations, and creating the app tiles. That’s configurable using ‘Register Windows App’.

Let’s take Netflix again as the example. This is how deployment of the .Appx package has been simplified in Liquit Workspace 3.5: