Windows 11 – The Wait is Over

Windows 11 has been released. Congratulations Microsoft from team Liquit !!!

One of the biggest controversies with Windows 11 is the minimum hardware requirements. Because officially, Windows 11 only installs on PCs that have a TPM 2.0 chip, an Intel 8th gen or Ryzen 2000 series or newer processor. has a nice blog At the last minute, Microsoft provides a path to upgrading unsupported hardware to Windows 11 with more details around installing Windows 11 on non compatible hardware.

Neowin has a nice blog about known issues in the first Windows 11 public release. While Microsoft announced more details around the Windows 11 Security baseline, Windows 365 Enterprise support for Windows 11 and the availability of Windows 11 on Azure Virtual Desktop.

In Windows 11 – First Impressions I blogged about my first experiments with Windows 11. And you might have read some of my tweets about Windows 11 too. Out of those Major fragmentation coming as more than half of enterprise PCs unable to upgrade to Windows 11 is an interesting one too.

Team Liquit has been working hard on supporting Windows 11 in the upcoming Liquit Workspace 3.9 release which is now currently in preview and is for testing purposes only.

As of version 3.9 Liquit Workspace now fully supports Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.

Besides running on these platforms Liquit Workspace is also able to filter on those platform versions. More news about the 3.9 release coming up shortly. Let me share some screen captures for now.

Platform version within package filters now supports ‘Windows 11’:

Platform version within Context filters supports Windows 11 too:

And a context like ‘All my VMware Virtual Machines running Windows 11’ can then be used for entitlements of a package:

Liquit Workspace 3.9 has been released in preview this week. This is a preview version of Liquit Workspace, made available for testing purposes only and should not be installed within production environments.

This 3.9 preview has support for Windows 11. If you like to test with Windows 11 in your lab, here’s a blog article how to create and prepare a VMware Virtual Machine for Windows 11.

You can use the preview channel of the System updates to update your test server to the latest preview version. Access to the preview can be requested using Contact Us on our website.