Windows 11 – First Impressions

Microsoft released the first Windows 11 Preview, build 22000.51 for members of the Windows Insider Program. I’ve created a Virtual Machine with 2 Processors, 2 core processors and had a quick look at the UI and whether the Liquit agent runs properly on this build.

First I downloaded the ‘Windows10_InsiderPreview_Client_x64_en-us_21354..iso’ ISO from the Windows Insider Preview Downloads page, because there’s no Windows 11 ISO for download (yet):

Using this ISO I installed Windows 10, which brings in the latest Dev Channel release Build 21354:

Within that build I linked a Windows Insider account:

And opted for the ‘Dev Channel’:

Then a ‘Check for Updates’ brings in the Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.51:

After a reboot it’s time to login into Windows 11:

Which brings in the new Windows 11 UI:

Hitting the Windows key on the keyboard brings in the new Start Menu which is now positioned in the middle:

Windows 11 21H2 build 22000.51:

Then I installed the Liquit Agent in order to deliver applications:

The new User Account UI looks like this:

And after the Liquit agent has been installed, I can start the Liquit Launcher and login to my Liquit Workspace:

Access the Catalog:

And the Workspace:

Application Delivery is working as expected:

Both for installing applications and launching applications from within Liquit Workspace:

as well as pinning applications to the Desktop and Start Menu:

We will release a fix in 3.6 and up soon, in order for ‘Platform’ to report ‘Windows 11’:

Just keep an eye on the Release Notes.

A couple of nice things I’ve seen already is the new ‘Task View’:

and the new options for setting your Display Settings:

Here’s a nice article how to Switch back to the classic Windows 10 Start menu.