Update On Liquit Support Term

Today, we have released the newest version of our product: Liquit Workspace 4.0. With that release two changes are introduced that are important for our partners to know.

  • Support Term Changes:
    The support term will change from 3 latest versions to 2 years for each release. This will go into effect starting with the release of Liquit Workspace 4.0.
  • Introduction Universal Agent:
    Liquit Workspace 4.0 introduces the Universal Agent for both Windows and macOS. The new Agent is built on the latest technologies and is a huge step up from the Workspace Agent for Windows. We will tell you more about the new Universal Agent in the very near future.While we will ship a new Workspace Agent along with 4.0 as version 3.10, this version is based on the Workspace Agent 3.9 and includes all new action and filters for packages that will be introduced with 4.0. This is to give customers and partners extra time to switch existing managed devices to the new Liquit Universal Agent.We recommend using the Liquit Universal Agent for new customers after 4.0 is shipped. Please be advised that we will not ship the Workspace Agent in versions beyond 4.0.

With these changes, we want to offer even better support to our partners and customers. Should you have any questions about this, please send us an email.