Update of the Day – Zoom Client for VDI 3.2.0

Zoom can be used with Citrix or VMware VDI solutions and can be delivered to a thin client. Per Zoom’s documentation installation of the Zoom application in a VDI environment requires two installation steps:

  • Zoom Client for VDI must be installed within the Virtual Desktop, typically within the image on the VDI server. 
  • The Zoom Media Plugin is installed on each of the thin clients accessing the VDI.

Zoom has released Zoom Client for VDI 3.2.0 which has new and enhanced features, minor bug fixes and security enhancements. Which means both your VDI environment as well as your Thin Clients need to be updated.

The MSI’s for Zoom Client for VDI, Zoom (Media) Plugin for Citrix Receiver and Zoom (Media) Plugin for VMware Horizon Client have been released in the Setup Store.

The version numbers are a bit confusing. For VDI release 3.2.0 Zoom stamped its client versions with 5.3.45604.0927 in the ‘Download Links and Previous Version History‘ section, where the MSI ProductVersion is 5.3.45604.

This blog describes how to create a Managed Package for another Setup Store title, but the steps to create one for Zoom Client for VDI and the Zoom Media Plugins are the same.

This blog describes how to create a Managed Package for Zoom and how to create a Smart Icon.

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