Update of the Day – Slack 4.9.0

Slack has released Slack 4.9.0. The MSI’s for ‘per user’ deployment and for ‘machine-wide’ deployment have been published in the Liquit Setup Store and have been checked for MSIX readiness.

As of version 4.9.0 Slack only provides a ‘per user’ MSI for x64. When you’re using x86, you’ll need to use the ‘machine wide’ x86 MSI:

You can use our Configuration Wizard in both Liquit Workspace and Liquit Setup Commander to configure these MSI’s:

This release only contains bug fixes: “We tuned up the engine and gave the interiors a thorough clean. Everything is now running smoothly again.”

This blog describes how to create a Smart Icon for Slack. The ‘Slack Microsoft Store App’ action can be simplified using the ‘Start Windows App’ action:

Where the Package Family Name can be retrieved using:

 Get-AppxPackage | Where {$_.Name -match 'Slack'}


And the application Id can be retrieved using:

(Get-AppxPackage | Where {$_.Name -match 'Slack'} | Get-AppxPackageManifest).package.applications.application.id

This blog describes the PowerShell script to create a Smart Icon for Slack. Where the PowerShell code for the third action can be updated using this code snippet:

#define the third launch action
$actionset_action3 = New-LiquitAction -ActionSet $actionset `
                                      -Name 'Start Slack Microsoft Store App' `
                                      -Type 'winapplaunch' `
                                      -Enabled $true `
                                      -IgnoreErrors $false `
                                      -Settings @{identity = '91750D7E.Slack_8she8kybcnzg4'; application = "Slack"; parameters = "";} `
                                      -Context User

#define the filter set for the third action
$filterset3 = New-LiquitFilterSet -Action $actionset_action3

#add a filter to the first action
$filter3 = new-LiquitFilter -FilterSet $filterset3 -type winappinstalled -Settings @{identity = "91750D7E.Slack_8she8kybcnzg4";} -Value "true"  

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