Update of the Day – Notepad++ 7.9

Notepad++ is a very popular source code editor and Notepad replacement, developed by Don Ho. It’s a small application and therefore popular for doing demo’s like our Launching Notepad++ using MSIX app attach and Microsoft WVD demo on YouTube.

Don Ho has released version 7.9 which has 29 enhancements and bug-fixes.

Now it must be a coincidence, but Alexander Has has released his per machine MSI for the fore last version (which is version 7.8.9, released back in July) of Notepad++ the same day.

Alexander is not a developer of Notepad++ but has created an MSI for it in his spare time and Liquit has sponsored him doing so in the past.

Bot setups have been released in the Setup Store.

This blog describes how to create a Managed Package for another Setup Store title, but the steps to create one for Notepad++ are the same.

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