Update of the Day – Microsoft Power BI Desktop 2.84.861.0

Microsoft has released Microsoft Power BI Desktop 2.84.861.0. The MSI’s for this application have been published in the Liquit Setup Store. You don’t need to check for MSIX readiness, because this one is available as an MSIX package in the Microsoft Store as well.

Microsoft Power BI Desktop is a companion desktop application to Power BI. With Power BI Desktop, you can:

  • Get data
  • Create relationships and enrich your data model with new measures and data formats
  • Create reports
  • Save your reports
  • Upload or Publish your reports

This blog describes how to create a Managed Package for Microsoft Power BI Desktop.

This blog describes how to create a Smart Icon for ‘Power BI Desktop’.

This blog describes how to download an AppX / MSIX package from the Microsoft Store.

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