Update of the Day – LastPass

LastPass has released the Enterprise MSI for LastPass which has been published in the Liquit Setup Store and has been checked for MSIX readiness.

You can use our Configuration Wizard in both Liquit Workspace and Liquit Setup Commander to configure the Enterprise MSI:

This release only contains some minor bug fixes.

This blog describes how to create a Smart Icon for LastPass. The ‘LastPass Microsoft Store App’ action can be simplified using the ‘Start Windows App’ action:

Where the Package Family Name can be retrieved using:

 Get-AppxPackage | Where {$_.Name -match 'LastPass'}

And the application Id can be retrieved using:

(Get-AppxPackage | Where {$_.Name -match 'LastPass'} | Get-AppxPackageManifest).package.applications.application.id

This blog describes the PowerShell script to create a Smart Icon for LastPass. Where the PowerShell code for the third action can be updated using this code snippet:

#define the third launch action
$actionset_action3 = New-LiquitAction -ActionSet $actionset `
                                      -Name 'Start LastPass Microsoft Store App' `
                                      -Type 'winapplaunch' `
                                      -Enabled $true `
                                      -IgnoreErrors $false `
                                      -Settings @{identity = 'LastPass.LastPass_qq0fmhteeht3j'; application = "App"; parameters = "";} `
                                      -Context User

#define the filter set for the third action
$filterset3 = New-LiquitFilterSet -Action $actionset_action3

#add a filter to the first action
$filter3 = new-LiquitFilter -FilterSet $filterset3 -type winappinstalled -Settings @{identity = "LastPass.LastPass_qq0fmhteeht3j";} -Value "true"  

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