Update of the Day – DeviceTRUST 20.1.200

deviceTRUST delivers more than 200 hardware, software, network, security, performance and location contextual properties into the virtual and physical workspaces. deviceTRUST can easily integrate with any existing workspace management solution and requires no additional infrastructure.

DeviceTRUST 20.1.200 has been released and has been published in the Liquit Setup Store.

This release contains bug fixes and minor changes to the deviceTRUST Host, Client and Console. See deviceTRUST 20.1.110 release notes for full details of the new features introduced in 20.1.110. If upgrading, please refer to Compatibility for changes in this release.

This blog describes how to create a Managed Package for another Setup Store title, but the steps to create one for DeviceTRUST are the same.

deviceTRUST – Contextualizing IT

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