The missing link is here!

Today we are introducing the missing link of enterprise application management for macOS. The highly anticipated Universal Agent for macOS is now available via our Beta Program.

The most notable features in our Beta are:

Universal Agent for macOS: The Liquit Universal Agent for macOS now brings Windows and macOS into a single workflow. That means transparent and seamless application management for all applications across thousands of users demanding countless configurations. Your IT team continues to manage all applications for macOS and Windows at the same time with our Universal Agent. Your end-users still access their applications seamlessly and without disruption.

  • Can be installed on modern macOS
    • Supports ARM and Intel devices
    • Install and launch native applications dmg, zip, tar, xip, pkg, tar.gz and mpkg
    • Filter and context on macOS

High Contrast Theme: Say hello to the High Contrast Theme in Liquit Workspace. A brand-new feature that uses a limited color palette with contrasting colors to make the interface easier to use. End-users with photosensitivity or contrast issues as well as people in low-light environments get the major benefit from using the high contrast mode on their computer.

VMware Horizon Connector: VMware Horizon elevates the digital workspace experience with the efficient and secure delivery of virtual desktops and apps from on-premises to the cloud. Our latest release introduces a new connector for importing VMware Horizon applications and desktops as ready to use applications for distribution in Liquit Workspace. This new, valuable integration also adds Smart Icon technology to Horizon applications.

  • Connector can be on-demand and synchronized
    • With a synchronized connector the entitlements can be fully automated
    • Have full SSO support to VMware delivery controller and Unified Access Gateway

And this is just the beginning!
Here is a full list of all features included in the Beta Program.

New Filters:

Package installed filter: Filter that can detect if a dependent package is installed on the local device.

Package distributed filter: Filter that can detect if a dependent package is distributed on the local device.

Package availability filter: Filter that can detect if a dependent package is available based on the dependent package’s filters.

Liquit variable exists and value filters: Filters that allow you to check whether Liquit variables are defined and/or compare the value to a static value or contents of other Liquit variables.

Agent offline mode filter: Filter that allows to check whether the local agent is running in offline mode and does not have any connectivity with the Liquit servers.

New Actions:

Stop current action set action: The ‘Skip action’ action allows you skip the current action set, action sets or the entire package. This is useful in combination with filters to easily stop further execution if criteria are not met, instead of having to apply the same filters on every action. 

Universal Agent enhancements:

Override agent configuration file settings from the server: Allow changes on the agent to be made from the server. This allows you to override agent settings per user, group, or context.

Download resume support for content: A download will not get aborted after loss of connection, but continues where it was aborted, reducing time spent waiting.

Certificate based device registration: Ability to register devices with a Liquit zone by using a certificate instead of username and password.

Allow native icons on hidden entitlements/multi-platform: Adding further flexibility on how you present the workspace to the end-user. For example, you can deploy a Smart Icon to the start menu and hide it from the user in the workspace.

PowerShell enhancements:

Search and Name parameters for PowerShell cmdlets: Search for objects by name or other text fields.

Allow setting server state/info via PowerShell cmdlet: Set-LiquitServer cmdlet to set Server properties, like maintenance state and description.

Connector enhancements:

Request Setup for the Setup Store: When a setup is not available in the Liquit Setup Store you can now request it via the Liquit Setup Store directly. Simply click the ‘request product’ button under the Setup Store resources and you will be able to submit your application to the Liquit Setup Store team.

RDS Connector supports remote desktops: Full Desktop package support has been added to the Microsoft RDS Connector, you can optionally import packages that connect to the RDS farm with a full desktop RDP session.

Connector entitlement identity matching using properties: Connectors that support entitlement synchronization now have the option to match identities across different identity sources based on matching attributes like name or display name fields. For example, this allows a VMware Horizon environment that is connected to Active Directory to synchronize entitlements in Liquit that is configured against Azure AD.

Portal Integrations:

Microsoft Viva Integration: Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights. This new release offers integration with Microsoft Viva connections offering a full workspace experience within your intranet.

Other notable improvements:

Support for multiple domains/virtual hosts for a single zone: Support multiple domain names to access a single zone. Useful if company undergoes a name change to allow a rollout migration or if multiple organizations connect to the same zone, it allows to customize the branding per domain using contexts while still delivering the same applications from a single zone (portal).

Redirect URI support for OAuth2 authentications: Allow a customized redirect URL to be configured and sent to the OAuth2 endpoint, an extra option has been introduced that allows to send the endpoint a redirect URL based on the incoming domain a user comes from. This feature is required to properly support Azure AD in combination with multiple domains.

Default user settings per theme: Define and deliver default settings per theme, improving the user experience of the Workspace out of the box. Users no longer need to fine tune individual settings when switching between Default and Dark theme.

The following settings support using default settings as defined within a theme:

  • Text color
  • Text shadow
  • Background color
  • Background image
  • Image position
  • Transparency

Direct Access CDN for Azure Blob Storage: Allows content distribution globally using a CDN provider. This allows web browser/agent to download content directly from a Blob Storage that is near to the local device. Which improves content distribution times and increases scalability.

Variable support in transforming values for identity providers: Use variables in the rewrite rules for identity providers, for example you can transform an Azure AD attribute to a compatible attribute for Active Directory.

Obsolete agent bootstrapper: It is no longer possible to select the “Preconfigured Executable” option to download the agent from the Liquit portal, when this has been configured before an upgrade, this feature will still be available. It is scheduled to be removed in 4.1. All customers are advised to switch to the “Windows Installer” method. Or use the new bootstrapper with more features available at:

Option to hide unused platform targets for packages: Option to hide unused platform targets for packages to hide Actions and filters that are exclusive for a platform not in use within the organization.

Prompt for setting require Azure AD permissions in Liquit

A new option ‘’Grant admin consent” has been added to the Azure AD configuration. Clicking this button will make sure the correct API permissions for Liquit Workspace are set in the Azure AD app registration. No need to configure these manually again.

Beta Program
Access to the new Liquit Workspace version is exclusive and by invitation only via our Beta Program before it becomes available to our existing customers and partners for download. If you would like to learn more about the Beta Program, please email us at

Download the full feature list below.