The Computer Company partners with Liquit to offer an adaptive, modern workplace.

Ridderkerk, The Netherlands, August 17, 2021 – Liquit, the platform that provides end-to-end application management, welcomes The Computer Company as their newest partner in the Netherlands. With Liquit, The Computer Company is able to offer an even better, modern workspace experience.

The Computer Company, also known as TCC, has been known as a full-service IT service provider for years. With automation, they set up organizations more efficiently and effectively. The main focus of this new Liquit partner is offering customers personalized business and software services, there’s also several large healthcare organizations in the Netherlands who rely on them for great IT services. At The Computer Company, the customer can always count on a personal approach in combination with fast service and the ability of its employees to think along with him.

To continue innovating, the organization had been looking for a good workspace management solution for a long time. To provide a better transition to the modern workplace and migration to Cloud, the existing solution no longer sufficed. According to Tom Herberighs, Director Sales & Business Development, the interest in Liquit was initially triggered by some SME’s they work with. He says: “We quickly saw that Liquit was developed to support a Cloud first strategy but without forgetting legacy. Other providers we considered were clearly developed from a traditional IT environment point of view and added the Cloud only capabilities to it. With Liquit it is very clear that they have less of this heavy load.

TCC’s Architect Tim Meijers was impressed by the technical possibilities Liquit has to offer: “The technology behind the Liquit platform enables The Computer Company to offer a modern workplace that is even better suited to the wishes and requirements of our customers. In addition, faster on-boarding of new customers is important to us, and this is also more easily achievable with the use of Liquit.”

Armed with Liquit as a new workspace management solution, The Computer Company has everything it needs to offer an even more user-friendly workplace because they can better anticipate the context of the employee.

Liquit looks forward to a successful partnership with The Computer Company.

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