Thales Safenet now functions as IDP in Liquit Workspace

Some time ago, Thales acquired Safenet and we are proud to announce that we now fully support Thales Safenet in combination with Liquit Workspace.

Liquit has received multiple requests from a variety of partners and customers to integrate with Thales Safenet. Now you can setup Thales Safenet as Identity Provider (IDP) for Liquit Workspace.

How does it work?

The user goes to the Liquit Workspace portal (or their intranet solution etc.), where the user wants to logon. Liquit will redirect the user seamlessly to the Thales Safenet solution, where the authentication will be performed. This is a OAUTH2.0 authentication.

If required, Thales Safenet will perform a multi-factor authentication based on the user’s context. This can be a token or app or similar. After authentication, the user will be redirected to Liquit Workspace where the authentication is finished. The user will get a Single Sign On experience for their services, and even for their apps if required.

For complete details on how to set this up, we’ve created a manual on our documentation site which can be found here.

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