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Discover what Liquit’s powerful application management platform can do for you.

Liquit Workspace

Liquit Workspace offers end-users simple yet dynamic application management, ensuring a consistent, customizable user experience across any device.

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Liquit Access Manager

Large organizations may deploy hundreds of applications, and managing all the different access information can be frustrating and inefficient for employees. Liquit Access Manager is a fully integrated single sign-on solution that works fluidly with Liquit Workspace to make application access simple and immediate.

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Liquit Release & Petch Management

All IT teams need to configure, deploy and patch applications, which means they have all experienced what a time-consuming task it can be without the right tools. Liquit Release & Patch Management streamlines and simplifies the process beyond any IT team’s highest expectations.

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Work-from-Anywhere Enablement

Remote work has become a cornerstone of modern business. We make application management effortless, flexible and consistent no matter your choice of technology.

Microsoft Integration

Liquit’s platform integrates easily with a wide range of Microsoft solutions, ensuring the Windows applications you use daily are only a click away.

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WMware Integration

Liquit Release & Patch Management offers IT a unique way of creating VMware App Volumes packages automatically in a simple, quick and intuitive way.

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Citrix Integration

Looking for a better way to access your Citrix StoreFront applications? Liquit’s platform integrates fluidly with Citrix for simple, reliable one-click access.

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