Liquit Setup Store

The Liquit Setup Store contains over 4000+ application titles, supporting 30+ languages. Every day the Setup Store is kept up to date with the latest versions and releases of most popular software titles from vendors like Adobe, Citrix, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, VMware and many many others. If you like to know which ones, just register for either a Demonstration or an Extended Test Drive.

Instead of spending time on finding the correct download links for the latest versions of most common Windows applications, you can now easily download the setups from these vendors from the ‘Setup Store’. Additional information like Release notes and applicable CVE numbers is provided.

To support unattended deployment tested silent switches are provided for non-MSI setups. For MSI setups a Configuration Wizard can be used to customize the MSI for deployment.

Within the configuration wizard enterprise best practice settings are brought in as a default. They can be changed according to what works best for your organization.


Not only deployment is simplified. Using the Setup Store within Liquit Workspace brings in Liquit Catalog data like the Icon and the Description of an application.

And also the logic to launch the application from within Liquit Workspace, for the Shortcut types you want to support in Liquit Workspace.

The Liquit Setup Store is available as a connector when using Liquit Release & Patch Management. But is also available in Liquit Setup Commander when using the MDT, ConfigMgr, Ivanti EPM or ZENworks connector.

In our bi-weekly newsletter we inform customers and partners about new entries and updates. When a setup is not available in the Liquit Setup Store, you can request it via the Liquit Setup Store directly. Simply click the ‘Request product’ button under the Setup Store resources and you will be able to submit your application to the Liquit Setup Store team.