Setup Store Enhancements

It is often valuable to have more information added to your packages. In Liquit Workspace 3.8 we now offer enrichment of packages created with the Setup Store connector. The following fields are automatically provisioned for your managed package: Excerpt, Description and Website.

Which means that when creating a managed package, this is how that package looks when its published in the Users Catalog:

After clicking ‘Get’ from the Catalog, this is how the users Workspace looks like if you’ve configured the connector to include shortcuts:

All the icons which are needed to launch the requested application are automatically brought in. Similar to how it works when you select an application from an App Store on your mobile phone. In the background, when new versions are released of these applications, the Setup Store connector automatically updates these managed packages. Also similar to how it works on your mobile phone. Or semi- automatically, if you prefer to DTAP functionality.

This is how it looks like for an end-user on a Windows 10 machine when no applications have been installed yet. The user logs in to Liquit Workspace, selects applications from the Catalog and then starts a few of these applications in the Workspace:

End-user compliments we get on this kind of functionality is rewarding for us at Liquit:

“The new Student App Store is an absolute game changer! It’s so much easier now to access the software I need all in a single place.” and “Studying at home is much more enjoyable now that I don’t need to go searching around for the apps I need.”, a quote which is taken from a Success Story we’ve published recently called “Canterbury Christ Church University Modernises Application Management for Cloud Migration & Remote Learning Empowerment“.

And this is how it looks like for the administrator, creating managed packages using the Setup Store connector:

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