Setup Commander for ZENworks is now called ZENworks connector

At the end of last year Liquit Setup Commander 3.0 was released. This was our first main release of Setup Commander after the acquisition of ‘ROVABU Software’. That release was all about Liquit branding, Liquit licensing, Liquit documentation and of course support for Liquit Workspace.

Setup Commander for ZENworks (aka Bundle Commander) was included as a separate executable, being launched from within Liquit Setup Commander when choosing the ZENworks connector. That was just a first step towards full integration.

Now, with the 3.3 release, released earlier this week, we’ve fully integrated the features of Setup Commander for ZENworks into Liquit Setup Commander. When you’re using ZENworks Configuration Management you just select the ZENworks connector in the connection screen, provide your ZCM zone details, connect to your ZCM zone and you’re ready to create your bundles as usual.

This means a few things for our current ZENworks customers:

Upgrade from Setup Commander for ZENworks to Liquit Setup Commander
In the next few weeks I will contact your personally to provide you all details to upgrade from Setup Commander for ZENworks to Liquit Setup Commander. If you have a current subscription, upgrading is at no additional cost to you. Some settings are not moved over, but are easy to reconfigure.

Liquit license
In the details we will send you, you will get a license key.
Correct. Yes a key, because we’ve finally moved away from sending you license files embedded in a zipfile by e-mail. All you need to do is to activate the provided license key. We kindly ask you to provide your Active Directory FQDN upfront as well, because that’s used by and needed to activate the new Liquit license.

Other Connectors
Liquit Setup Commander has connectors for other deployment systems like Liquit Workspace, Microsoft ConfigMgr, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Quest SMA and Ivanti EPM as well. So if you’re evaluating these, or like to use these additionally, you’re entitled to use these connectors as well. No extra charges, you only need a current subscription.

VirusTotal score
One of the key features of the Setup Store in Liquit Setup Commander 3.3 is related to VirusTotal. Every setup and patch available in the Setup Store has been scanned and analyzed using VirusTotal. When one or more engines detected suspicious content, you will get a notification and additional information when downloading the selected setup(s) from the Setup Store.

Liquit Release & Patch
Liquit Release & Patch is an additional offering for Liquit Workspace and Liquit Setup Commander customers. For Liquit Setup Commander customers we will provide you a 90 day full license, in order to use the email notification system which we’ve introduced with Liquit Workspace 3.3.

Instead of querying the Setup Store manually at regular intervals, to see whether updates are available for the Win32 applications you maintain within your organization, you can use Liquit Release & Patch to get notifications by e-mail proactively and automatically using ‘Managed Packages’. These notification e-mails contain Release Notes, VirusTotal, CVE and additional information in order to prioritize deployment within your organization.

Later this year we will release our ConfigMgr and ZENworks connectors, which enable you to create Applications (ConfigMgr) and Windows bundles (ZENworks) for selected ‘Managed Packages’.