Setting you default browser in Windows 10

After installing or updating to Windows 10, your default browser is set to Microsoft Edge. In previous versions of Windows, there was a desktop application installed where you could choose your default browser. Or, when starting e.g. Google Chrome of Mozilla Firefox, the browser would prompt you for selecting it as the default browser.

In Windows 10 this has changed. Microsoft has chosen not to include the ’browser selection application’ anymore for new installs of Windows 10. When upgrading from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, your old browser of choice remains installed and useable. It’s just not the default anymore.

If you install a new browser like Chrome or Firefox, you will still be prompted by the browser on first run to choose it as your default browser.


In previous versions of Windows clicking this option was all you had to do to make this choice. In Windows 10, your are redirected to the ’Default Apps’ choice in the Systems Settings. That’s the only place where you can set the option.

In the ’Choose default application’ setting, scroll down to ’Web browser’ and click on ’Microsoft Edge’.

You will get a list of the installed browsers and you can choose your default browser.

You can always go back to this setting by clicking ’Settings’, ’System’, ’Default apps’.
If you have done a clean install of Windows 10, you first have to download and install your new browser for it to appear in the list of possible browsers.