Satellite Server Enhancements

With Liquit Workspace 3.8 content replication has been added for the Satellite Servers, allowing you to install satellite servers on branch locations and enable the content replication feature. Agents download content from the Satellite Server instead of the Primary Servers. This ensures that content is only downloaded once for a Satellite server within a single branch instead of all devices downloading content from the Primary Servers over the internet.

You can also define content sources to use for agents instead of downloading content from the Primary Servers. Agents can now download content from Satellite servers or network shares instead. Content sources can be configured globally within a zone or can be overridden within contexts to allow serving content closer to the agents.

The documentation has been updated to reflect on these new features. Content replication can be either set to ‘On-demand’ or ‘Synchronized’:

With content access you can instruct agents where to retrieve content. For example, a satellite server or an SMB (therefore supporting a Windows and DFS) share. If all end-points fails, the primary zone servers will be attempted.

Content access can be configured at zone level, or at context level:

If configured at context level, the zone level configuration will be ignored.
HTTP, HTTPS and SMB are the URI schema’s that are supported using ‘Custom’:

Use ‘SMB’ for DFS and Windows shares:

When you configure a connector to use a satellite server (e.g. the Citrix StoreFront Connector), this connector will show up in the list of connectors on the satellite server. Which means this connector can access the content and resources configured for that satellite server. The connector will show up at the connectors list below, when it’s being used for the first time: