Remote Desktop is ready to update

Microsoft Remote Desktop Client has been covered in this Application of the Week blog.

Recently Microsoft told me this page has been updated since I wrote that blog. E.g. this section has been included and is important when using WVD:

“Windows Virtual Desktop doesn’t support the RemoteApp and Desktop Connections (RADC) client or the Remote Desktop Connection (MSTSC) client.”

This week Microsoft released Microsoft Remote Desktop Client 1.2.945. Customers using a Managed Package for MSRDC asked us how to disable getting this update notification on devices which haven’t been updated yet:

Therefore we’ve added an option ‘Turn update notifications off’ to the Configuration Wizard for MSRDC to do so: 

When creating a Managed Package this option is enabled by default.

This Configuration Wizard is available in Liquit Workspace when using the Setup Store Connector as well as in Liquit Setup Commander.

When you’re using either one of the available connectors for Ivanti EPM, MDT, ConfigMgr or ZENworks you can create an application, package or bundle for MSRDC where this Configuration Wizard is used to create a MST (transform) file for the MSRDC MSI. This includes the setting then to switch this notification on or off, based on whether you unchecked or checked this checkbox: