What is new in Liquit Workspace 3.4?

We continuously encourage customers and partners to provide us with feedback on our products.  This highly valuable input helps us to improve and to direct our products. Early November, we will be releasing the latest version of Liquit Workspace, which includes several new features that are the result of the requests we have received. 

Satellite Server allows for connectors to operate securely on-premise, while the Liquit Workspace runs from the cloud. Especially useful when you are using for example terminal servers and/or print servers locally.  

Another result of the feedback we received are the following new integrations: 

The Microsoft SharePoint Webpart is a native integration of Liquit Workspace with Microsoft SharePoint. This way of integration holds a few benefits; for example, that the webpart will utilize the correct theme. It also features an enhanced search function for applications, and you can control whether the catalog or workspace is displayed by one single setting.  

The Microsoft Teams app allows you to integrate Liquit Workspace with Microsoft Teams, allowing native integration by just adding a tab to a Microsoft Teams team. We have also made it easier to view workspace and catalog items in Teams.  

You can now view this 5 minute video with a preview of the most important features of our upcoming release. Don’t miss this sneak peek and check it out now.