Faster, Simpler Deployments and Updates.

Liquit Release & Patch Management makes the process of configuring, deploying and updating applications fast and easy. IT teams will find themselves with more bandwidth thanks to a significant reduction in time spent on these otherwise tedious tasks.

Powerful Application Management for Your IT Team

Give your IT team the tools it needs to maintain your organization's applications with minimal effort.

Our staged development process configures applications optimally and easily, ensuring end-users only encounter applications that work correctly, each time.

4,000+ curated applications at your fingertips means the right application for your organization is easily and immediately accessible.

Deployment integrations create predictability and flexibility, cutting down on the time it takes IT teams to configure applications to best fit organizational needs.

Benefits of Liquit Release & Patch Management

No More Reinventing the Wheel

Instead of starting from square one every time you need an application update or deployment, Liquit Release & Patch Management does the work for you. We are constantly updating and adding to our selection of 3,000+ applications, ensuring that you always have the right options to meet any conceivable business need.

Helping IT Teams Work Smarter

The IT team is a valuable, constantly in-demand resource for any organization. Liquit Release & Patch Management keeps IT teams from being weighed down with routine application management tasks so they can focus on higher level issues.

Fastest Time to Patch

In a world of zero-day vulnerabilities, Liquit Release & Patch Management drastically minimizes the time between patch release and deployment, reducing unnecessary security risks.

Ready for the Future

We make keeping applications fully up-to-date simple, ensuring your end-users always have the latest and best version at their fingertips as applications evolve.

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We are using Liquit as the basis for our new Digital Workspace. It makes our application management and delivery much easier to maintain and saves us a lot of time. Every organization who is facing difficulties with their application management should start using Liquit.

Niels Zegers

Infra Manager at Lamb Weston