PeopleRock Rocks the Hybrid Workspace as New Liquit Partner

As the newest Gold Partner in the Liquit Partner Network, the Netherlands-based, ICT Consulting firm advises, designs, and implements IT and workspace solutions for complex ICT issues affecting enterprises and organizations across the country.  

Ridderkerk, The Netherlands, 19 May 2022 – leading application management solutions provider Liquit is pleased to welcome PeopleRock as the newest Gold Partner in the Liquit Partner Network. The young and ambitious Netherlands-based, ICT Consulting firm is already shaking up the world of modern, and hybrid workspaces. 

Erwin Sanders and Bas Broeren founded PeopleRock just over a year ago. Both gentlemen bring a long and successful track record in IT before starting the consultancy. Their mission with the new company has been to do things differently than their competitors by focusing on their employees. 

With the growing demand for top-notch IT consultants, co-founder Erwin Sanders wanted to start a company where he would want to work. The goal was to develop a collaborative, people-based culture that fosters strong bonds and shared rewards. This ethos shaped many of the organizing activities like a recurring Experience Day. But it’s also the foundation for co-owner status via shares for every person who joins the PeopleRock team.  

The eight-member team is centrally based in the Netherlands, where they advise, design, and implement solutions for complex ICT issues for enterprises and organizations across the country. They also offer a complete concept for the modern, and hybrid workspace known as Rhythm. Rhythm is a social portal by a+m impact with Microsoft 365, where Liquit delivers the convenience of a hybrid workspace.  

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The portal provides all functionalities for users and is available on any device, at any location and time, with single sign-on and instant access to local, on premise, and Cloud applications. A uniform interface makes it simple for everyone to work together across projects while providing a context-based experience for each user.  

PeopleRock knew about the Liquit platform as several team members brought great experiences with it from a previous role. According to Erwin, the entire team knew Liquit end-to-end application management solutions should be part of their offering: “We do many migrations from traditional to modern workspace and Liquit makes that so much easier,” said Erwin. Liquit enables us to connect with all types of IT environments, and the great thing is that the end-user doesn’t need to worry about it.” 

Migration projects are on the rise across the Netherlands, and the PeopleRock team are seeing increasing demand in the healthcare market. As a Liquit Gold Partner, the PeopleRock team is now positioned to fulfill any cloud workspace need. Liquit COO Peter Hermeling was quick to express his excitement about collaborating with the PeopleRock team and congratulated them on their new Gold Partner status: 

“We couldn’t be more excited and prouder to be partnering with Erwin, Bas and the rest of the team,” said Peter. We congratulate them on their Gold Partner status and see big successes in the future as they work with Liquit to manage the applications of their customers.”