NTNT new Liquit Partner; Together for the best and safest user experience

Ridderkerk, The Netherlands, September 16, 2021 – Liquit is proud to announce that New Technology Network Team is now a Liquit partner to raise the NTNT modern workspace to a higher level. A workspace where applications from different environments and technologies are always and everywhere available to the end-user, regardless of the device or location.

New Technology Network Team (NTNT), based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, provides its customers with honest and customer focused advice. They know which challenges they are up against in the field of IT and ICT, and this sometimes requires the courage to say that there is a point in the IT landscape that is not yet being used efficiently.

Specialist Erwin de Groot, a recent new addition to the NTNT team has introduced the two parties to each other. At a previous employer Erwin discovered the enormous added value of Liquit:  “The only solution that is truly platform independent and that solves many problems at once where otherwise you have to get several techniques and methods together.” Erwin therefore introduced Liquit to NTNT, which immediately received an enthusiastic response.

Dirk-Jan Padmos, Managing Director of NTNT, is delighted with the partnership: “With Liquit, NTNT has a brilliant solution for ‘IT like water from the tap’. Together we provide the best and most secure user experience possible. Regardless of location and device.”

With the help of Liquit technology, NTNT commits to simplifying the difficult choice between virtualization tools and platforms. It couldn’t be easier, because from now on you can combine all options. Local, legacy, or new? Liquit aggregates and delivers VDI, TS and HTML5 virtualization platforms centrally. A groundbreaking and innovative step for (inter)national organizations because management no longer faces the limits of time, location, tenants and environments.

For NTNT it was clear that with Liquit they could offer their customers even more progress. And so it was a logical step to join forces in the form of a partnership. The result is an ultimate, digital workspace that unburdens the organization because management and maintenance are handled by NTNT.

By now everyone on the NTNT team has been trained by Maarten Jansma, Sales Operations Manager at Liquit. “Located in Rotterdam, one of the things that immediately struck me was of course the hands-on mentality and great entrepreneurial spirit at NTNT. They were very eager to learn about Liquit and quickly came up with many use cases for customers in where Liquit could add value.”

A warm welcome as Liquit partner to the team at NTNT.