New version of Liquit Workspace available now

We keep innovating to help you to keep responding to changing business requirements, enhancing user productivity, and staying ahead of the competition. We want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment in Liquit. This week we have released Liquit Workspace 3.3 which contains some important new features.


It is now possible to assign certificates to zones, this allows the Liquit Workspace to serve multiple certficates and hence allows multiple secure (HTTPS) zones within the same tennant. For more information on how to setup your system please refer to the documentation which you can access here:

Mail notifications

Mail notifications have been enhanced using HTML templated messages with more detailed information. Advanced mail notifications have been added to Liquit Workspace, these can be used to report on changes on scheduled tasks i.e. it is possible to send an email when a Liquit Setup Store connector has finished synchronizing. Scheduled tasks now have an option to only send notifications when there is something to report. Refresh Zone Licenses now sends expiration report for zones that will expire within 14 days to the configured mail addresses.


Portal settings and user settings can now be overridden on context level. With this functionality you can switch branding on for example location basis.


Setup Store connector now has an extra option to send detailed reports about updates that have been downloaded within Liquit Workspace.

A brand new connector for Okta is included. This connector allows you to import your Okta applications as web packages into the Liquit Workspace. The Okta connector requires a Liquit Access Manager license. Next to this, a preview version of the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop connector has been added. Take a look at the new integration possibilities with the announced Windows Virtual Desktop for Microsoft Azure.

How do you now take advantage of these new features? As an existing customer you simply download here. You will also find any needed documentation there.

If you are not yet a Liquit Workspace customer, but would like to learn more, we invite you to request a demo.