NETCB shows how it’s done – New Liquit Partner in Africa

Ridderkerk, The Netherlands, December 2, 2020 – With the signing of a partnership agreement with NETCB, Liquit has now expanded its presence to the continent of Africa. An exciting new chapter for both organizations.

Founded in 2003, NETCB is the trusted advisor and service provider to many customers in over 15 countries, including, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.  With solutions focused on helping their customers achieve the ultimate digital workspace and supporting hybrid IT environments by adding Liquit to their portfolio, great new opportunities are expected.

Covid-19 has forced the entire industry to look at how they manage their workforce. NETCB is a great example of “practice what you preach”. They were already well prepared to work remotely and have even closed all their physical offices a few weeks ago to become a 100% virtual office. They developed processes to manage the workforce and established a strong communications mechanism resulting in a better structure and improved efficiency. Anything they use inhouse, they can show to their clients who already are saying “we also want it to look like that”. Internal deployment of Liquit was first on their list. So that everyone internally knows how this works. It will be their primary delivery mechanism moving forward.

When it came to their existing NETCB digital workspace offering, they felt that something was lacking. There were some other vendors, but they were not flexible or open enough or were lightyears away in the development. Cobus Burgers, managing director at NETCB stated: “I had already been following Liquit for a while as their product evolved. In the beginning the time just wasn’t right because the demand wasn’t there. Until recently, now we can’t wait to get this partnership off the ground and start working together.”

NETCB is excited about the fresh approach Liquit offers and is confident that it will fit so many of their client base in a variety of industries. “We want to ensure that everyone in the organization can always have access to the right version of applications and setup tools, from every device. And that is just one of the things Liquit does perfectly.” The company’s motto “We are the gateway to vendor independence” is another great touchpoint with Liquit as the platform integrates well with already existing technologies within an organization” according Cobus.

This is Liquit’s first partnership on the African continent and therefore another big step. Peter Hermeling, Liquit’s COO says: “We noticed quickly that there was a great match between NETCB’s vision and what Liquit has to offer their clients. We are extremely excited to partner with such an innovative and forward-thinking organization”.