The Municipality of Eindhoven stimulates the flexible, modern workspace with Liquit

The Municipality of Eindhoven has called in Liquit for the next steps in the field of the modern workplace. In collaboration with partners UBM Global and IT Value, Liquit helps Eindhoven with the transition from a traditional workspace management solution to a flexible, modern workplace based on Microsoft365 and Liquit Workspace. This switch enables the municipality and its employees to perform their work optimally anywhere, anytime.

The flexible, modern workspace is becoming increasingly important for municipalities. In Eindhoven, there was a need for an IT solution that gave every user the opportunity to work on location and with the device of his or her choice. Such a tailor-made solution must at the same time offer optimum safety and, moreover, be very user-friendly and flexible. To make this switch possible, several solutions were considered, after which Liquit finally emerged as the winner.

“Liquit offers an extremely flexible solution,” says Pierre van den Heuvel, IT program manager at the Municipality of Eindhoven. “By using Liquit solutions in combination with our new Office365 environment, we can set up scenarios for almost any situation. This means that every user, based on their location or device, has the right tools at their disposal to do their work optimally. Without the end user having to worry about which login he needs where – that is what the Liquit solution does in the background. “

The implemented solution consists of a combination of Windows 10 with O365 that integrates with Liquit, with Liquit providing smart icons for the optimal user environment for employees. Every end user will have access to a new laptop, which will be equipped with Microsoft Autopilot and Intune and will be configured with Liquit Workspace.

A first pilot with a hundred users has now been completed; from April onwards, the rest of the organization will gradually move over. New users are rolled out fully automated including the updating and starting of applications. Settings are also centrally regulated and flexibly rolled out, without disturbing the users.

Pierre van den Heuvel, program manager IT Municipality of Eindhoven: “Liquit is an innovative party that not only offers a flexible solution but is also flexible in the collaboration. They search for innovative parties within their market to work with. This means that when I look for an integration with a new solution, I don’t have to wait for Liquit to join it. Often they had already done the preliminary work before I knew I needed it at all.”

Peter Hermeling, co-founder of Liquit: “The Municipality of Eindhoven is one of the five largest municipalities in the Netherlands and, as befits that position, also often thinks ahead in terms of IT. It is a huge compliment for Liquit that such an innovative municipality chooses our solution to be able to innovate.”