The Three Components of Liquit Release & Patch Management

Liquit Release & Patch Management is our patch management solution to Configure, Deploy and Patch third-party applications within your Digital Workspace.

There are three key components to Liquit Release & Patch Management:

1. The Liquit Setup Store; the Liquit Setup Store consists of over 1.000 third-party applications and patches. Natively integrated within Liquit Workspace, you’re able to select and patch applications similar to how an App Store works on your mobile device.

2. The Liquit Setup Store Notification System; every day we deliver information like Release Notes, Patch and CVE information, VirusTotal score for third-party applications which you have selected from the Liquit Setup Store. That way you know exactly what applications need to be patched within your Digital Workspace, automatically or using our DTAP features.

3. Liquit Setup Commander; Liquit Setup Commander is part of Liquit Release & Patch Management as an add-on. It enables you to prepare your own in-house applications, applications which need to be purchased or any application which can’t be provided through the Liquit Setup Store for deployment. By using either one of the connectors for Liquit Workspace, Micro Focus ZENworks, Ivanti EPM and Microsoft ConfigMgr you’re able to choose the delivery platform of choice.

As an existing Liquit Setup Commander customer you can contact our sales team to try Liquit Release & Patch Management free of charge for 90 days.