Liquit Partner Talks with Joost Gelijsteen


This week in Liquit Partner Talks: Joost Gelijsteen, Solution Lead Workplace at Pink Elephant in the Netherlands.

Who is Joost?

In his two decades with Pink Elephant, Joost Gelijsteen has been involved in countless migrations to the modern workplace. In his current role as Workplace Solutions Lead, he has handled everything relating to the workplace where Liquit and the Microsoft Platform have played major roles. Joost was recently named Microsoft Value Professional for Enterprise Mobility Intune.

Definition of Modern Workplace

We started by asking Joost: What is your definition of the modern workplace? Joost: “The modern workplace allows our clients to work from anywhere in a secure way.”

Pink Elephant’s modern workplace solution is called Pink365. With the feedback from their customers and end users that it simply works, we asked Joost what the secret was of getting that response:

“First of all, we have made sure our digital workplace properly aligns with the personas. We start with a social intranet solution and add Liquit to the mix. Users click the Smart Icon and the technology behind it does the rest. Whether it is simply starting the application, installing, or updating or whatever action is required, without the end user being aware of it.”

Unique deployment process

Deployments with Pink365 start with a corporate device to check what it is, what it does and whether it is compliant.

Normally in a Microsoft deployment, Autopilot would send several applications so that the end user can quickly get started. That is where the Pink approach is different and unique. During the deployment process, they first send Liquit and the company portal as applications to the device using Autopilot.  Everything else from that point—scripting, app installation, smart icon—is managed by Liquit technology.

Why not just with Intune?

Joost explains to us that they do use everything in Intune quite a lot, for policies, configurations and security related to the workplace. “When there are a lot of applications and personas, like for example in the healthcare sector, it can be very complex to deploy” says Joost. To keep it simple and let everything work like we designed it we like to use Liquit.”

Once Liquit is installed and the user is logged in, the technology on the back end does all the magic and the user can do what he or she needs to do. The workplace is installed, configured and OneDrive can immediately be used. They just click the icon, and the application will be installed and available moving forward, and that is how Pink makes the workplace simpler.”

Upcoming Whitepaper

In the coming months, Joost and team will be working on a whitepaper in which they will discuss what they call the multiuser workplace, which will focus on the ability to manage multiple license formats in the workplace. To enable this, they have configured a number of things within Intune in combination with Liquit, such as the ability to enable app locker policies.

App locker policies are policies where the user is not allowed to start an application. And instead of the user seeing some unfriendly wording about being blocked, they are helped with a web variant of the application.

For more about app locker policies and the multi-user workplace, make sure you follow Joost on LinkedIn.

Joost is well known in the Endpoint Management community, and you may run into him during upcoming events like Community Days, Workplace Ninjas, and Experts Live in Europe.


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