Liquit expands into Scandinavia with new Norwegian partner Abacus

Ridderkerk, The Netherlands, January 13, 2022 – A new year brings new partners as application delivery and access leader Liquit welcomes Abacus as their first partner in Norway. The two companies share the common goal of simplifying and improving the productivity and daily life of their customers. Now armed with the Liquit technology, Abacus is even more confident about their ability to fulfill their customers’ needs in the future.

Abacus started as a consulting company with a focus on ERP but continued to develop their technology driven mindset that would bring more technical expertise to the company. The first step was acquiring small yet proven local IT firms. Today, they have offices throughout Norway, and an ambitious plan for growth in the next few years.

With this deep expertise fully integrated into the company’s business and operational approach, Abacus is in an ideal position to be a leader for their clients’ in realizing a hybrid vision. Chief Technology Officer Glenn Eriksen has no doubts that the new partnership with Liquit is crucial to achieving this vision. “A Hybrid (cloud) approach to applications and virtual desktops is crucial for the partners we work with,” said Glenn. The Liquit platform can solve any challenge and reveal innovative use opportunities for their hybrid environments in so many ways.”

As a forward-thinking CTO Glenn is constantly researching from various sources including Twitter, as a source of information. He uses it to follow some of the key IT industry influencers to learn what is going on and where the world is going. It was Twitter where he learned about the AVD TechFest, an event organized by independent experts in Azure Virtual Desktop. Digging deeper into the event brought Liquit and their Diamond Sponsor status. With his interest piqued, he learned more about the Liquit solution on the website and decided to sign up for the event.

Fulfilling Virtual Desktop, Applications, Cloud, and On-prem Needs in a Hybrid World

Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop are technologies Abacus is seeing quite a bit with their customers. They want to help their customers migrate safely to (any) cloud while also realizing many of these same businesses want to keep applications on-premises. “We want what is best for the customer, so we will help them achieve the perfect hybrid environment,” says Glenn. “But with the many technologies out there, the challenge moving forward is how best to deliver the applications?”

Research and consulting with peers proved to Glenn that most vendors only solve one piece of the puzzle. “With Liquit, we now deliver everything. We support the approach that takes those headaches about how best to deliver applications out of the hands of our clients, so it’s not their problem.”

Things moved fast after Glenn attended the event, with Abacus signing a partnership with Liquit and completion of training for the Abacus team. Liquit colleague Nico Zieck, traveled to Norway to help the team get set up. The team picked it up quickly, and after a few hours, set up their own Liquit environment. While that level of speed in ramping up with the Liquit platform is not unheard of, Abacus was further motivated by having a waiting customer with whom they wanted to share the new technology.

The Abacus team is now working on a POC with a municipality in Norway. Municipalities can especially benefit from the Liquit solution, according to Glenn, as their general push to consolidation had not gone well for many of them in the past. “We see great potential with Liquit in the municipalities as we can solve a lot of their pains flexibly and without friction,” he says.

They impressed the team at Liquit with the great start of their first partner in Norway. Everyone involved can’t wait to see how they grow and innovate with the Liquit platform and improve application management for countless partners in Norway. That ultimately leads to an infusion of new perspectives that help improve Liquit for everyone.