Introducing Liquit Workspace 4.0

Liquit Workspace 4.0 Represents Major Milestone in Transparent Application Management 

Introducing Liquit Workspace 4.0! A major milestone in putting an organization in control of the application environment change rather than change controlling the organization.  



Liquit Represents Continuous Improvement 

Your IT teams are constantly struggling to meet more needs for application delivery integration, connectivity, and access. They’re faced with growing user needs that prompt platform vendor solutions. This often leads to frustrations where they find a win in one area of improvement that cascades into a roadblock where another connected improvement aspect is unfulfilled. 

That’s why current and future platform updates are part of a continuous improvement mindset. Our approach is always about thinking things through to their possible conclusions as well as their natural conclusions. The results, as you will see below, are a vast list of improvements that are often a combination of greater or increased:  

  • Functionality 
  • Flexibility 
  • Visibility 
  • Transparency 
  • Time savings 
  • Integration/connectivity possibilities 

Improving functionality, flexibility, visibility, transparency, time savings, and integration possibilities are seldom standalone attributes within Liquit Workspace improvements. The Liquit development and design team understands the challenges that IT teams face every day and how unforeseen forces add new challenges to application stack needs almost daily. Let’s look at a few of those changes in terms of what they deliver to IT teams and organizations: 




Greater Functionality and Flexibility 

It all starts with the introduction of our Universal Agent, which makes it easy for IT teams to manage all applications for macOS and Windows at the same time across all users and environments. End users still have a transparent experience that now considers their use of Windows or macOS for seamless access to their applications on any device without disruption.  

Although you’ll find a full list of important and useful features that the Universal Agent delivers, a few that stand out are the increased flexibility in how you present the workspace to the end-user.  

Mergers and Acquisition migration and delivery of future-state processes make Workspace a powerful tool for bridging the transition gap with functionality and flexibility. One of many examples is how you can now customize branding to support multiple domain names when several organizations connect to the same zone with contexts and zone-specific applications intact. 

You can now also properly support Azure AD in combination with multiple domains. 


Increased Integration Possibilities 

That’s only the beginning of a host of new features that further every organization’s ability to make applications flow like water. It continues with the integration of three fresh additions to our third-party connectors for Nutanix Frame, the Microsoft Store (preview), and VMware Horizon. These join a comprehensive list of Liquit Connectors for smooth delivery of applications into the Liquit Workspace for boundless possibilities.  

We’ve designed the latest version of Liquit Workspace to address visible and hidden challenges while also giving you the power to direct future improvements. Don’t see a particular setup in the Liquit Setup Store? You can now request it directly and the Liquit Setup Store team will figure out (if) when it’s possible to make it available. 

Integrations are an important aspect that make Liquit Workspace so valuable to application environments where versions, platforms, and user needs are a complex mix. Liquit Workspace 4.0 now adds a new portal integration for Microsoft Viva Integration, so there’s another way for the workforce to communicate, collaborate, and learn across users and groups. 

Increased Time Savings and Simplicity 

Like every past and future version of Liquit Workspace, the current 4.0 is all about saving time and making things simpler for IT with application management without limiting the possibilities.  

Automation is a big part of Liquit Workspace, and 4.0 adds other improvements, like an increased ability to create common scenarios and use them repeatedly within your packages globally. IT teams can also easily create device collections based on common characteristics like platform version. This automated approach eliminates manual lists that take up time and increase errors.  

These two improvements alone can save countless hours and eliminate potential errors in complex application provisioning and delivery across thousands of applications and users. 

Others, like change synchronization support within AD identity source, can shorten wait times for end users and give them one less reason to submit a ticket or contact IT. You can further simplify AD configuration since admins now only need the domain name to coordinate between the closest LDAP servers for each Liquit Server. 

Faster agent downloads are possible for inexperienced users, while sysadmins can now display tailored, reusable messages to users, groups, or contexts. We’ve increased content distribution and scalability with direct access CDN for Azure Blob Storage. 

Greater Visibility & Transparency 

Visibility and transparency are the foundation of application management, so Liquit Workspace 4.0 continues to go deeper and broader in these areas. There are new additions to the already extensive list of functions for visibility and transparency for the IT team and sysadmin app delivery and provisioning. These include visibility of MSI versions, agent versions, license usage, and printers. 

Creating application provisioning packages can easily lead to packaging errors, so we’ve added new error codes and messages to make it easier to find and fix them. 

The Bottom Line on Liquit Workspace 4.0 

It all comes down to greater possibilities and simplicity with application delivery, integration, connectivity, and access. We constantly think about the ideal scenarios from the perspective of making IT life easier and more productive with application management in any environment configuration. That enables us to develop improvements that meet current needs while enabling a future-proof approach to solving tomorrow’s challenges. 

Read on to see the many feature advancements in Liquit Workspace that make our Smart Icons smarter and give IT endless but simple control to deliver the custom experience every user demands. 

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Existing customers are invited to take immediate advantage of the many new features by upgrading their existing environment using the system update feature or visiting the Liquit support page.