Liquit Workspace

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Liquit Workspace Connector is the start for single interface views of all applications customized for each end user or group. Our Smart Icons make it easy for them to click the application icon and just get to work. That’s because Liquit takes all the heavy lifting out of the equation for IT admins in setup, integration, rules, provisioning, updates, and security via backend automation. The end user just clicks on the Smart Icons to get that contextual anywhere, anytime, any device access so they can just be productive.

Managed Services Providers get enormous benefits from the Liquit Workspace by getting that same automation provisioning, setup, and management control over all their enterprise and SMB client environments.  That saves time and money while eliminating hassles for your clients, their users, and your MSP team in complex deployment scenarios. Liquit Workspace gives you the power to create a single versatile, and agile applications and workspace environment interface delivering maximum quality assurance and current/future needs adaptability.