Azure Virtual Desktop Connector

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Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) delivers multi-session Windows 10 and virtual desktops and all applications through unified Azure managed experiences organizations. The Liquit Workspace AVD Connector maximizes the versatility and access speed of your Azure Virtual Desktop environment through easy installation of the right remote desktop client straight from the Liquit Setup Store. There’s no need for endpoint patching with everything always updated and easy AVD application importing. You can simply publish them in a Liquit environment next to any other type of application or platform like Citrix, VMware, etc. Besides fast migration or provisioning without end user impact, the Liquit AVD Connector enables seamless bridging and transitioning from legacy applications to a modern workspace from our intuitive interface or any other portal. Liquit Smart Icons give end users the control they demand to launch an application or service with transparent technology connections, contextual needs, and security handled in the background.