Immidio Flex Profiles

Immidio Flex Profiles 7.5 provides three instant-on solutions helping to quickly solve the most common profile management challenges:

  • Remove the legacy from previous application implementations and de-installations with the Profile Cleanup feature
  • Reduce the size of end-user profiles instantly with Windows Common Settings and Application Templates
  • Prepare applications to be managed through Immidio Flex Profiles 7.5 with a configuration wizard, providing the intuitive guide to get started
  • Instantly improve logon and logoff times drastically by enabling the DirectFlex feature

Flex Profiles 7.5 decouples user-specific desktop and application settings from the Windows operating system, making them available across multiple devices, Windows versions and application instances. A decoupled user profile is independent from the traditional Windows user profiles and allows for easy introduction of virtualization technologies and new application delivery mechanisms. Additionally, it enables painless Windows upgrades, like migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7. More information about Flex Profiles 7 here, after registration  you can download an evaluation here.

From a ZENworks deployment perspective Flex Profiles 7.5 perfectly fits into the ZCM architecture:

  • the ‘Immidio Flex Profiles MSI’ can be deployed by creating a Windows Bundle which can be assigned to Users and/or Devices
  • the Flex Profiles configure share can be created on a file server running Windows, Open Enterprise Server or NetWare
  • the Group Policy configuration of FlexEngine can be configured by using an Active Directory Group Policy, a ZENworks Windows Group Policy (Windows Configuration Policy) or by using a Windows Bundle with ‘Registry Edit’ actions

This move shows how to create the Windows Bundle for the ‘Immidio Flex Profiles MSI’: