GroupWise 2012

I’ve just made this video for a feature article on and Novell Cool Solutions to demonstrate creating Windows Bundles, with Bundle Commander, for the deployment of the GroupWise 2012 Windows client. GroupWise 2012 is currently in open beta and can be downloaded here. The documentation is available here.

At first the ‘msxml.msi’ package (Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 Service Pack 2) is selected separately, because in certain environments (e.g. locked down user environments) sometimes it’s necessary to install this MSI package separately and with a different ‘Executable Security Level’.

Then the ‘groupwise.msi’ is selected. Since this is an uncompressed MSI, the ‘Include all files’ check box is checked, so all files will be uploaded to the content repository of the ZCM server. For demo purposes, the ‘Users’ container is selected for setting the ‘User Relationship’. Shortcuts are added to both the ‘Start Menu’ as well as the ‘Application Windows’ of the Novell Application Launcher. Deployment is done manually, but of course can be automated by setting a ‘Distribution Schedule’ in ZCC.