Fast Track to Microsoft WVD using Liquit smart icons

Moving from using local applications to Microsoft RemoteApps in Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) can be disruptive for end-users. The only thing an end-user wants to do is click an icon and start the application. They do not care about the technology that is needed to launch the application.

This video demonstrates the use of a smart icon in Liquit Workspace to start a local application. In this example we are using WordPad, but the principle works for all applications that have been discussed in my Application of the Week blogs or any other application which can be run as a RemoteApp in WVD.

The smart icon is updated to move away from using the application locally, to using the same application as a RemoteApp in WVD, without bothering the end-user.

A couple of Liquit solutions are used here:

We have made moving to Windows Virtual Desktop easy with Liquit Workspace. Connect, publish smart icons and go! We support faster on-boarding, provide the most consistent end-user experience with single sign-on and help you manage this with a single administrative console.

Liquit accelerates your move to WVD. Request an extended test drive. The best way to fully appreciate the power of the Liquit Digital Workspace is to see it in action.