Webinar: Simplifying Application Delivery and Access in a Hybrid World.

Dec 13 2022 @ 12:00 - 13:00 EDT

Simplifying application delivery and access in a hybrid world means ensuring every application and platform across on-prem and cloud are easily provisioned, managed, coordinated, updated, tuned, and integrated for thousands of users — all with the right access permissions in a changing enterprise world.

On December 13 at 12 noon EST, join Liquit Sales Director Mike Bruce, and Director of Technology & Solutions Nico Zieck as they show how Liquit makes applications flow like water. During this live webinar you’ll learn how Liquit lets you:

  • achieve application provisioning, delivery, and access without limits or complexity
  • quickly provide contextual awareness across thousands of users in a hybrid, multi-device world
  • deliver applications to both macOs and Windows users without hassles




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