ENGL Imaging Toolkit 10 RC1 and Windows 10 (Base image creation)

After ‘Base image preparation‘, you can boot a Virtual Machine (VMware Workstation or Hyper-V) with the ‘win10-ent-x64-pe.iso‘. After booting the WinPE, this will run an unattended installation of Windows 10. By using an Unattended installation components such as Windows hotfixes and additional updates can be installed automatically as part of the process ensuring a consistent base image is created if an updated version is required in the future. This process will also enable the .NET Framework which is needed for several ENGL tools like Zimageprep. It will also search for, download and install critical updates before sysprepping the machine.

Only ZCM 11.4.1 (due later this year) will support Native imaging support (.zmg) for Windows 10. Therefore, for now, we will use a VMware snapshot (‘After Zimageprep’) instead of creating, storing and using ‘win10-ent-x64-postsp.zmg’.

ENGL TID-2011005 is a great KB article which details how to bypass restoration of the base image if the client machine is running within a virtual machine, by extending your ENGL Zim menu.