Disable ‘Repair Adobe Reader XI Installation’

If you need to deploy Adobe Reader XI in a Terminal Server/RDP/XenDesktop environment, you have to be very precise configuring Adobe Reader XI.

This great blog by “Aaron Parker” warns about a specific configuration setting explicitly:

“Warning: It is extremely important to remove the Repair Adobe Reader Installation menu item on shared systems such as Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Servers – a standard user can initiate a reboot of a computer if the repair kicks in. This is because the repair is applied using Windows Installer which runs in the System context”.

With Adobe Reader XI, Adobe has added a registry key to disable the ‘Repair Adobe Reader Installation’ option in the Help menu, like this:

Inspired by this topic and inspired by very good feedback from XenDesktop/XenApp specialist Hayscen de Lannoy, we’ve therefore added an option “Disable ‘Repair Adobe Reader Installation'” to configure this with our ‘Adobe Acrobat and Reader Configuration Wizard’:

This setting is checked by default, because for every enterprise deployment it makes sense to disable this menu item.