Dilaco Quickly Leveraging New Liquit Partner Status for Dutch Customers

Dilaco has delivered IT consultancy and end user services from its offices in Belgium and the Netherlands since 1996. The Netherlands-based team of 35 experts, led by Martijn Gevers (Country Manager at Dilaco NL), focusses predominantly on application management.

The Dilaco experts ran into the Liquit solution on more than one occasion and continually raised their interest in this unique application management platform. As the Dilaco IT Manager learned more about Liquit it became clear that they wanted to collaborate with the highly adaptive workspace provider and formalized a contract to be a Liquit Consultancy Partner in early January.

As a new Liquit partner, their ambitions went far beyond just selling software licenses. Instead, they offer a wealth of knowledge around applications to their customers and propose Liquit if it solves their particular challenges. According to Martijn, melding this approach with agile, future-proof solutions like Liquit is the key to delivering maximum effectiveness with low cost to their growing customer base:

It’s imperative that we take a strategic approach to the optimization of every client’s digitization process. That’s the only way you remain relevant and focused on your core activities. In many cases, application management services play an important role in reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of the customers’ application landscape.

While the type of customers they serve are not in a specific vertical or geographic location, they generally have lots of applications in play. Just some of the examples include hospitals, government, and enterprise organizations.

Application access and control are vitally important to every organization. That can be seen in the fact that end users need to have access to applications they need to do their job, but you do not want them downloading Adobe themselves from an unverified source as one example. You want to make sure it is correctly packaged and distributed. Martijn explains how the partnership with Liquit and their approach to application management makes it easier for Dilaco to support the needs of their clients:

“We are often consulted for projects like migrations, especially when there aren’t enough technical capabilities in house, which makes application management a struggle. We can send members of the team for a project or simply manage the entire application lifecycle for the customer at a fixed cost per application per year.” We work with the customer’s existing IT environment and that requires smooth integrations. Liquit also believes in the strength of integration, which is another reason we believe in the collaboration with them.”

In the coming weeks, the Dilaco team will focus on training with Liquit to ensure they can provide as much benefit as possible when faced with more customer challenges. Later in the year the IT consulting and end user services firm wants to start organizing Lunch & Learn sessions with partners where the Liquit solution is explained and shown.