CVE Information

One of the new features in Liquit Workspace 3.8 is around how we provide details on applicable CVE numbers. CVE is the acronym for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures and provides a standardized identifier for a given vulnerability or exposure.

You probably already use the Setup Store Notification System, which is part of Liquit Release & Patch management. On regular intervals you can receive an e-mail about Setup Store updates.

That way you know exactly what applications need to be patched within your Digital Workspace, automatically or using our DTAP features.

These e-mails contain information about which CVE numbers are applicable to a specific update. If you click on CVE numbers in these emails, further information about its CVSS score and what’s listed in the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) is provided:

In Liquit Workspace 3.8 we now show this information for the current version of a selected application, when creating or updating a Managed Package using the Setup Store connector:

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