ZuidOostZorg has the latest technology for digital workspaces with single sign-on and access to external applications

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ZuidOostZorg covers fourteen nursing and care homes and a home care department in the southeast of Friesland, The Netherlands. The existing social intranet was barely being used, because users had to login to multiple systems to access their applications and it did not make life easier. They wanted an innovative platform for their 2500 employees, with all required options and even more. They needed smart technology to make their demanding work easier.



The Challenge

ZuidOostZorg used their own internal digital working environment, based on a remote desktop server (RDS). This system was managed from their own data centre, taking care of the maintenance of servers and applications. The team consisted of about six full-time technical people. Well-organised, you might say, however the digital workstations facilitated by ZuidOostZorg required a lot of effort. To the 2,500 employees, the working environment hardly provided any added value. The emphasis was on the technical side of the work environment and the practical aspects were disregarded. When ZuidOostZorg decided to do things differently, the plan was to create a place where employees could find everything they could really use without having to worry about technology.

The Solution

First the existing intranet solution was replaced with the portal by Embrace. Next, the critical requirement was that applications would need to be accesible from the intranet and for that Embrace informed ZuidOostZorg about Liquit Workspace. Liquit Workspace provided users quick and easy access to all their applications. It doesn’t matter whether those applications are accessed via SaaS, are provided by a server or are on the user’s device. Via a widget, Liquit Workspace is integrated into the social intranet of ZuidOostZorg. In addition, ZuidOostZorg was the first healthcare organization to use Liquit Access Manager, the fully integrated single sign-on solution to provide simple, contextual, immediate access to the applications.

Quick and easy access

to all applications no matter the location of the user or device used

Highest level of security

only end-users you choose have access to certain applications

The Result

Greatly reduced leadtimes for end-users

Costs saved in technology

Healthcare is under increasing pressure, employee shortages have become critical. We need smart solutions to support our colleagues and make their healthcare work easier. That way, we can offer clients better care and that is what it is all about. I am convinced that technology is indispensable.

Tjeerd van der Schaaf

Information Manager