Verhoek Europe renews datacenter and workspace with Liquit

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Verhoek Europe was founded in 1953. The family business started with the transport of reeds and rushes and then specialized in the carpet industry. Meanwhile, Verhoek Europe has developed into a professional and versatile international service provider. With a total of thirteen branches, they are active throughout almost all of Europe.

To realize Verhoek’s future strategy, their IT platform needed to be addressed so that it could support the organization’s ambitions.



The Challenge

The first project was related to the outdated data center infrastructure. This had to be replaced by a new environment, and the data center had to become future proof. The second project focused on workspace independence; personal work environments had to be available anywhere, anytime and from any device. Within the company, everyone was still working on an individually installed PC; there was hardly any standardization. In addition, the existing platform had performance issues. It was used for application virtualization but was not suitable for providing a complete work environment for the users.

Based on the three starting points, working centrally, virtual workstations and uniformity, they started looking for a solution.

The Solution

Verhoek Europe opted for a hybrid solution consisting of a small VMware environment for power users and remote desktop services from Microsoft. Liquit Workspace in combination with Liquit Release & Patch Management functions as the strategic platform on this landscape. FSLogix has been chosen for profile management. The flexibility of Liquit in the workspace helped Verhoek to get a lot ore people to work from home very quickly when it was needed.

Simple and accessible

on the management side

Staged development process

ensuring end-users only encounter applications that work correctly

Self servicing options

reducing workload for helpdesk

The Result

8 seconds

logon time - down from 30 seconds to a minute

15 minutes

to install the Liquit software on the server to start testing

Liquit helps us to realize our strategic principles

Rudy Selles

IT Manager