Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Takes the Next Step with Liquit Workspace

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (HR) is the second university of applied sciences in the Netherlands and is growing fast, with over 39,000 students and around 4,000 staffmembers. The University wants to implement its Choose-Your-Own-Device (CYOD) concept with the latest hardware and software technology to provide staff with the ultimate user experience.

The Challenge

The University continually strives to boost productivity and promote the interaction between teaching staff and students. To achieve this, it chose state-of-the-art technology, including the Microsoft Surface line of laptops in combination with Microsoft 365. so that staff can have a selection of devices to choose the one that meets their wishes and needs. This concept also ensures higher customer satisfaction that can help speed up the adoption and use of Microsoft365. Microsoft offers an amazing solution, but the possibilities to distribute applications are still very limited with just the rollout and management of these new devices.

The Solution

Liquit Workspace proved the solution for offering the hundreds of applications and thousands of Microsoft surface devices offered by the University for anywhere any device anytime access.

Hassle-free application delivery

removing inefficiencies and reducing IT tickets

Contextual application access

Lower burden on IT

The Result

Users and staff happy

Improved productivity and interaction between students and staff

We chose Liquit because it allowed us to distribute all the Windows applications. Liquit has a lot of tools which enables you to install absolutely everything on a Windows PC.

Eric Kerkdijk

IT Architect