A single Liquit management environment for five municipalities

For the 65,000 inhabitants, Veenendaal is a comfortable place to live and work because its enterprise foundation as the largest business network in the country. A history of wool and cigars works in harmony with a future service infrastructure designed around the latest ICT and technology.

The goal for Veenendaal is to become one of the top 3 ICT service providers of Dutch municipalities.

The Challenge

Since 2017, the municipality of Veenendaal and the surrounding municipalities of Rhenen, Scherpenzeel, Renswoude and later Woudenberg and the shared Sportservice have formed a shared service center. Veenendaal’s initial goal was to set up one standard desktop as a base for all collaborating municipalities while offering additional layered functionalities. Because of a shared service center, the municipality investigated whether there was a package like ZENworks already on the market. Their primary focus was on a user experience that could deliver easy access and rollout of applications by clicking on icons. Another extremely important point was how the solution distributes applications.

The Solution

Liquit Workspace and Liquit Release & Patch Management are now used as the overarching management environment of the five Liquit working environments that are operated by the municipalities. The shared service center now controls the underlying communication between the municipalities. This effectively means that employees of the connected municipalities can access all programs available in their Liquit environment by simply clicking on Smart Icons. This enables Liquit Workspace to provide the direct rollout and access of the applications.

5 different Liquit environments

Within the shared service center — Via the Liquit connectors

Using credentials

Package creation and distribution per municipality

The Result

Time saved for IT with automatic patching of applications

Clear, recognisable look an feel for employees

Easy migration from Windows 7 to 10 without impacting end users

Liquit saves a lot of time for employees because they don’t need to request and install a software package themselves. But it's also a major time saver for the management organisation, because they can control everything from a central point.

Patrick Jansen

System manager