The Municipality of Eindhoven is ready for the future of work

|Gemeente Eindhoven

The municipality of Eindhoven is preparing their IT infrastructure for the future of work. They had already invested in hardware to support the transition, but what they really needed was a hybrid IT set-up with Microsoft 365 to maximize the use of this hardware while limiting the license costs for their users. In cooperation with partners IT Value and UBM Global, Liquit met these demands with a combination of Liquit Workspace and Liquit Release & Patch Management and is now used as their new workspace management solution.

The Challenge

Eindhoven needed to implement an environment that would enable all users to work wherever they prefer, on whatever device they prefer. They focussed on flexibility of the solution in their search for the optimal solution and provider, as well as an amazing user experience and high-level security. As there was already a solution in place that had involved significant investment in hardware, the new solution should be able to be implemented with that hardware and should also reduce licensing costs.

The Solution

The new solution consists of a combination of Windows 10 and Office 365 integrated with Liquit. Users get the ultimate user experience without having to get used to a new portal thanks to Liquit’s smart icons: the new solution fully integrates with the existing portal they are already familiar with. All users will be equipped with a new laptop set up with Microsoft Autopilot and Intune and configured with Liquit Workspace.

Ultimate user experience

Liquit was easily integrated in the already existing portal

The Result

Considerable time saved

with automation of configuration, patching and launching

No need to worry

for new users about any technical actions

Liquit have given us exactly what we were looking for and helped getting our municipality ready for the future of work.

Pierre van den Heuvel

Program Manager IT