Together we win! No stress with Liquit.

DESTIL Prolians wanted to offer its employees a modern workspace that would allow people to work when and where they chose. IT needed to provide everyone with the same user experience that would make it easy to find and use applications and tools while also being easy for IT to manage remotely. They ultimately choseLiquit Workspace and Liquit Release & Patch Management.

The Challenge

As an innovative company, DESTIL Prolians recognized the benefits of facilitating a modern workspace designed to empower employee collaboration. The goal is to offer devices and programs that are needed to do the job anywhere and anytime. It was important that was suitable for people who have limited or no IT experience.

The Solution

KNNS started with the underlying infrastructure comprising Microsoft Azure with Office 365. An early demonstration by Liquit used Synigo Pulse where the portal could make local applications available in a simple way when integrated with Liquit Workspace. KNNS has facilitated the workspace the customer currently has, which is a combination of Microsoft Autopilot, Intune, and Synigo Pulse with Liquit Workspace and Liquit Release & Patch Management,

Liquit Smart Icons

Applications and services needed by employees easily accessible


And scalability

The Result

Improved collaboration

and uniformity in work

Easy commissioning

of new devices

Enormous time savings

for IT

Liquit removes the stress in choice of software for our employees. Everybody knows how to access a web page, and on our webpages, our employees can find the tiles with the desired content, which makes it very easy to use, even for the older generation. Our credo of ‘Together We Win’ certainly applies in this context!

Harold Brants

ICT Team Coordinator