Dutch healthcare organization modernizes management and implementation of digital workspaces

Dagelijks Leven provides specialized care for people with dementia throughout the Netherlands. A department of three takes care of the IT environment for 2,500 employees, spread over more than 75 different homes. Every year, Dagelijks Leven opens ten to fifteen new homes employing approximately 30 people each.



The Challenge

Manual on-premises installation of a standard Microsoft image takes half an hour per employee. Maintenance and updates to existing deployments also take a lot of time and manpower. Dagelijks Leven wants to make IT as easy as possible, for both IT and healthcare employees.

The Solution

Liquit Workspace provides the managed devices of Dagelijks Leven with software on a functional basis – from the cloud and fully automated. Interruptions are resolved behind the scenes so that users can always access their own IT environment.


Manual and repetitive actions are in the past

Fewer disruptions

Back-up scenarios ready behind the scenes

Happy Care Workers

Access to all necessary applications with only one log-in

The Result


time saved through automation

2 hours

saved per setup of a new device

improved security

with use of only managed devices

The installation of new devices at new locations is 100% automated. Per location, this results in a time savings of 3 hours. We are growing fast and would have had to bring in more manpower without Liquit Workspace.

Ingrid ten Napel

Process and Information Manager