CareFusion SystmOne

Last week we were contacted by one of our NHS customers in the UK to assist in deployment of ‘SystmOne‘. SystmOne is an advanced modern clinical software, used in the healthcare industry.

Our customer asked the vendor (TPP) to help out with an unattended installation, which supports injecting the license by default. TTP stated they don’t support this, which is why we were asked for a second opinion.

Our support staff had a quick look at it and found out that, strangely enough, both unattended installation as well as configuring the SystmOne software setup are both supported. This is because the provided setup is based on Windows Installer / MSI technology, which provides these options by default.

Here’s how:

1) SystmOne.exe is basically an Advanced Installer bootstrapper or ‘wrapper’ around an MSI. This bootstrapper supports a couple of command line options, which are shown if you opt to start it with the ‘/?’ switch:

2) Since “MSI’s” support unattended/silent deployment by nature, extract the ‘SystmOne.MSI’ and ‘’ file by running “SystmOne.exe /extract:c:installSystmOne”

3) Select the MSI in Bundle Commander. The ‘include all files checkbox’ will be checked since Bundle Commander detects that you’re dealing with an uncompressed MSI here.

3) Add the following public property to add your SystmOne license:


That’s basically it. Now you can deploy it using ZENworks Configuration Management like any other MSI package. If NHS customers like us to build a ‘Configuration Wizard’ for SystmOne, please let us know.

NB. It looks like CareFusion has a better option to deploy SystmOne, we will update this blog when we have more information about that.