Bundle Export Client

Bundle Commander Professional Edition has the option to easily Export and Import bundles, per bundle, selecting one or more bundles per folder or based on a collection of bundles you’ve searched for using the ‘Search’ feature.

Whether you want to review or search the structure of one ore more bundles, by viewing the internal xml data, or whether you’re interested in its content repo content, it’s just a few clicks in Bundle Commander.

Bundles are valuable assets. You might have spent hours and hours, maybe days, on fine creating, tuning and testing them. ZCM has a great feature called ‘Bundle Versioning‘. When changing a bundle, the changes will be applied to a sandbox version of the bundle first. Then, when you’re done changing, you publish the sandbox to a new version. This enables you to go back to any revision, if needed. From a ‘change management’ perspective this works really well, actually it’s a necessity if you want to professionally deploy applications.

But what happens if you delete the bundle by mistake? ZENworks only provides Disaster Recovery options, but no single restore options for your bundles. You could restore a complete ZENworks zone in your lab or test environment and then use the Import/Export options of Bundle Commander to ‘restore’ one or more bundles. But that’s a lot of work for just one or a few bundles.

This is why we came up with a ‘Bundle Exporter Client’. It’s offered free of charge to ‘Bundle Commander Professional’ customers with a valid subscription license. ‘Bundle Exporter Client’ is a Windows System Tray application:

installed by default when you install Bundle Commander:

 In order to run the ‘Bundle Export Client’, you need to install a valid Bundle Commander Professional Edition Edition license:

You configure it’s schedule and configuration after the initial installation, after which it automatically backs up all bundles of a selected zone using the configured schedule.

When you include the exported bundle directory in your daily backup schedule, it’s easy to restore one ore more exported bundles back into your production zone should you or an other ZENworks Administrator delete these by mistake. In order to restore a bundle you just use the Import feature in Bundle Commander Professional Edition:

If you have questions or feedback on this new option, don’t hesitate to contact us.